Ti Sana Italian Retreat

By  November 08, 2012

1711 Ti Sana Detox Retreat and Spa is an Italian countryside retreat dedicated to health and wellbeing. Run by a young team, the aim is to create an escape from our toxic lives, giving our bodies a chance to cleanse and re charge.

Set in the mountains, Ti Sana was renovated from an 18th-century noble dwelling, giving it a historic, rustic charm with contemporary touches. After only a short transfer from the airport, I arrived at this small property (22 individually designed bedrooms) and was greeted by the Ti Sana team to begin my detox experience.

There is certainly a nutritional focus while you are at Ti Sana – and they have created three key Active Life Programmes:

  • Juicing Detox fasting programme;
  • Fresh Lifestyle raw food programme;
  • Energy Lifestyle programme offering a combination of raw and healthy cooked foods.

Depending on your chosen course, you will consume fresh, local, inventive meals – cooked or raw, delicious soups and juices. These all aid your body during the cleanse. Perhaps going from a ‘normal’ lifestyle (by that I mean I eat neither extremely badly, or extremely healthily) I was nervous to undergo a JUICE ONLY detox plan. I am not going to lie – I was hungry! I rather pathetically only lasted one day on juice only – I then opted to have soups integrated into my plan as I found myself pocketing some of the dried fruits that are in the spa like a mad woman!

Each day is pre planned by the team with a good selection of activities including morning power walks, exercise classes, educational lectures. For guests that stay for a week, they can enjoy one complimentary excursion a week, including transfers, such as a visit to a local Organic shopping outlet for a healthy food shopping lesson, a designer shopping outlet or a boat ride on Lake Como.

My plan included…

  • Live and dry blood analysis
  • Biophysical Test
  • Wellness Consultation with the Spa Doctor
  • Lymphatic drainage massage
  • L’Oro body scrub
  • Angel of Water colon hydrotheraphy
  • Daily programme of ‘tips’ & educational sessions
  • Daily group classes with Mario the Personal trainer – Tai-Chi, Rebounding (my favourite) hatha yoga, aerobics, Marshall fitness plus daily morning powerwalking sessions along the River Adda, and use of a small gym
  • Access to the Ti Sana Freestyle Spa, including the sauna, steam room plus additional infra-red sauna
  • Post-detox support & advice
  • Unlimited broth and herbal tea each day
  • Return private airport transfers

Ti Sana, rustic Italian retreat

Exercise Class in the Studio


Ti Sana suite

Ti Sana SPA

Live Blood

Spa Experience

Ti Sana has award-winning freestyle spa facilities, including the only Angel of Water colon hydrotherapy in Italy, and an in-house spa doctor who has published books on the subject of the colon and an authentic, balanced approach to detox and weight management. The spa is fantastic – well-laid out and very relaxing. It includes a circuit of warm pools, saunas, aromatic showers plus fresh and salted hydrotherapies. Ti Sana uses only certified organic and biological cosmetic products, because harmony with nature is at the core of their philosophy.

I particularly liked unwinding in the infra-red sauna I could happily listen to my iPhone as it only heats your body! I cannot say that I enjoyed the Angel Water colonic – in fact it completely wiped me out and made me feel rather lightheaded.

The treatments I experienced were very well executed, and wonderfully relaxing. Although I didn’t know going in, what I was signed up for! Everything was in Italian, and my therapist couldn’t speak English, so that was a slight problem, although a minor one in comparison to the expert massage I was lucky enough to enjoy.

The Food

Raw food specialist chef, Valerie is in charge of the menus at Ti Sana. Creating a feast for guests depending on what is in season. She whipped up my fresh juice blends each day, but I found that they often tasted the same; as strong flavoured vegetables such as celery and fennel were used regularly. It got to the point where I couldn’t drink my juice; which I can tell you is close to heart-breaking when you are so hungry! A testament to the staff is that they said they always made me a different blend if I didn’t like it, but I am not sure I could be pleased in this situation – juicing just isn’t for me!

The Verdict

I have heard that people detoxing come away bright eyed and bushey tailed, complete with a new slimmer body, glowing complexion, and a new positive outlook on life! Well, I was only there for 3 days, so in terms of feeling like a new woman – what could I really expect? I have however taken away a new knowledge, and faced up to the fact that I am not always entirely conscious about what I put into my body – I can, and have now taken more responsibility for my general health, notably of my organs and blood.

I personally find that there is a fine line between being healthy and unhealthily extreme in how you live your life. The staff clearly have bags of enthusiasm and knowledge that they are eager to impart – they talk a lot about the Americanised McDonald eating, couch potato lifestyles we all lead, but I find the obsessive need to be squeaky clean equally worrying. Balance I think is key.

The surroundings are exquisite  but within the Ti Sana compound I did feel a rather negative sense of isolation. I often found myself in the spa, or one of the living areas, and not see a soul! There was a slightly dark and cold ambience for me – perhaps this was because there was only 2 guests, and as the weather had turned everything was a little grey. I would have loved to see an open fire to help create a warmer atmosphere – certainly in Autumn/Winter  months.

I enjoyed a break from the bustle of London life, and relished Ti Sana’s sense of calm. The staff are extremely passionate and on hand whenever you need them, making it an ideal intimate retreat for the serious detoxer out there.

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