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Unleash your diva The Yogi The Extreme Excerciser The 20 Minute Fix The Runner
By Amy Hopkinson October 19, 2012
Put your dancing skills to the test during 60 minutes of booty-shaking, hip-thrusting, feet moving exercise with Seen on Screen Fitness.

The latest craze that\'s sweeping across the UK, the SOSF team offer the opportunity to learn your favourite stars moves from the dancers who have shared their stage. Make like Beyoncé to look like Beyoncé

Dispelling the myth that fitness needs to be a) serious, b) gruelling or c) include expensive flashy equipment, SOSF is a fun work out for hipsters and more.

Seen on Screen also run weekly workshop classes as well as the one to one sessions. Prices start from £20 for a 90 minute class; visit Seen On Screen Fitness to book your class now.
First it was a cult, and then it was a trend, now Yoga has become an institution for many women around the country. Offering the opportunity to tone up, while indulging in an hour of light relief from fast-paced living, it’s easy to see why the yogi population increases day-by-day.

Various practices of Yoga are readily available UK wide however to really ramp-up your Yogi game try ashtanga yoga– the most physically demanding form of yoga. During the class you will be led through a series of set postures (6 series in total) paying attention to your breath.

Expect to find the few classes a little tough as your body and mind adjusts to the flow of this practice.

Triyoga offers drop-in classes at locations across London however ashtanga yoga is practiced country-wide. Contact your nearest yoga studio for more information.
Not one for shy and retiring wallflowers and most certainly one for adrenaline junkies, Box It To The Beat is 60 minutes of intense boxing training, all done to the sounds of a DJ. Yes, really.

Over the course of one hour you’ll punch, kick, jump, duck and dive as the DJ works his magic on the decks.

Expect to burn up to 1,000 calories during this non-stop class (£10 per session). Perfect for increasing your fitness in double-quick time.

Sadly this class is only currently available in London, however the team have plans to expand beyond the capital. Visit them Box It To The Beat for more information.
As the days shorten finding the time to squeeze in your exercise time can be, well, hard if not near impossible. But why not swap your usual lunch time hangout for the gym floor instead? Earlier this year Virgin Active launched a number of Fast Classes – a schedule of 20 minute energy burning, sweating inducing and muscle strengthening classes.

Train like a triathlete, improve your core and learn specific moves that are great for the runner within. Oh and as they are only 20 minutes you can be back at your desk before the boss even bats an eyelid! Excuses not needed.

These classes will take place at Virgin Active’s 122 clubs across the UK. For more information visit Virgin Active online
Spend less time pounding the ground, and increase your metabolic rate with a varied running schedule that includes a steady run, a tempo run and interval training work:

Richard Edmonds, one of the founders of up and coming running brand RunBreeze suggests:

1st Session: Steady Run. This will be your longest run of the week, try and build up to an hour at a relaxed pace. It\'s best done with a pal with lots of catching up on the way round.

2nd Session: Tempo Run. Try and run for 20-40mins at a speed that you are unable to chat at (sorry ladies).

3rd Session: Interval Training. This is a series of high to low intensity runs. For example 12 x 1 minute hard runs (as fast as you can go) with 1 minute walk/jog recovery in between each interval.

With all the runs above make sure you warm up and cool down properly and wear the correct kit!

To give your program an extra kick, try setting the alarm and hour early and running in the morning. This will increase your metabolic rate for the day ahead and burn more calories. Just be sure to run in areas that have street lights as we get further into winter.
Don't let the nip in the air hold you back, we've got autumn excess sussed... Autumn, the season that falls between bikini boot camp exertion and party season madness. On the one hand we want to recover in our loungwear with hordes of naughty treats, while on the other we’re fully aware of the painful process we endured to trim, tone and tighten this summer. To re-inspire us all, the Glam beauty team have tried and tested the latest tips, techniques and training options on offer this autumn. Whether you're a gym, running or yoga bunny at heart a few tweaks, or incorporating something new into your weekly schedule, can reap big rewards in the long run - we're translating this into more baggy jumper time enjoyed on the sofa! From altering your runs, to adding in a new class, there’s something out there worth washing your gym kit for this season. All is revealed below..

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