Shop the trend: Animal Suits

By  June 07, 2012

It’s all about unleashing your inner animal this season, but not with prints, dots or stripes. No, this summer, be it by the pool, on the beach or strutting through festivals, animal picture print swimsuits are the must-do. We’ll be forgoing tanning our tummies in We Are Handsome’s Fighter print and Wildfox’s cutesy cat print, but which animal will you choose? We’ve rounded up the best paws, claws, tails and whiskers in town to help you along.

Wildfox Cat Print Swimsuit, £127, (online exclusive)

DSqaured2 Strapless Swim Suit, £249,

Black tiger print one shoulder swimsuit, £30,

We Are Handsome lion print swimsuit, £230,

We Are Handsome Fighter Scoop Back Swimsuit, £204,