Secrets of the Sea with VOYA

By  February 27, 2012

Time for tea with Voya?

Located on the stunning Chelsea Harbour, The Wyndham Grand is London’s only all suite 5 star hotel. Exclusive, modern and chic, it is also home to the inviting Blue Harbour Spa, where I had the chance to try out the new VOYA Facial and Body Range, as well as utilise the fantastic spa facilities, and enjoy a delicious seaweed infused afternoon tea!

I started off my day on a comfy lounger by the stunning 17-meter indoor swimming pool, and while swimming a few lengths, I made use the swan neck body jets to massage my back and neck. Next, it was on to the steam and sauna rooms that are located in both male and female changing rooms. As I had decided to use my time to unwind in a relaxing manner, not work up a sweat (!), I chose not to visit the state of the art gymnasium, but guests of the hotel, and also external gym members are welcome to use the brand new equipment and personal training sessions.

Wyndham Grand London Chelsea Harbour Gymnasium

Wyndham Grand London Chelsea Harbour

Wyndham Grand London Chelsea Harbour

Wyndham Grand London Chelsea Harbour Swimming Pool

Blue Harbour Spa

After spending a few hours of ‘me’ time, I made my way to the Blue Harbour Spa where I was introduced to the new VOYA range, which focuses on treatments utilising the healing qualities of seaweed. Sourcing it’s nourishment from the sea, the seaweed absorbs an abundance of beneficial ingredients, that when applied rather helpfully seep into your skin transferring all of this goodness!

My lovely (and highly informed) therapist Louise treated me to the Environmental Defence Facial (£75 / 60mins) to detox my “city skin”. I suffer from what one may call problematic skin, and especially living in London, it is rather worrying how congested your skin can get. This anti-oxidant and anti-ageing facial promises to eliminate toxins, and re-balance the skin, leaving it renewed, calm, and cleansed.

Louise noticed my shoulder tension, and so we started the hour with a back cleanse and a brief massage, which was the best way for me to fully let go of the outside world before experiencing my VOYA facial.

All of the VOYA products contain only organic ingredients, and there are a series of fun and creatively named products in this range. I particularly liked Ritzy Spritzy which is a refreshing toner that can be used all day, My Little Hero; a nourishing face serum to improve radiance and revitalise dull skin, and Bright Eyes; a rich eye crème for tired eyes. The most unique part of the facial was when warmed seaweed leaves were applied to my face, and while all of those secrets of the sea made their way into my pores, I had a very relaxing head massage.  Needless to say, it was heavenly!

These products feel luxurious and deeply nourishing – I could see and feel a noticeable difference in my skin’s vitality after the treatment. So with Mothers’ Day coming up, or just because you feel you deserve a pamper, I could certainly highly recommend a visit to the Blue Harbour Spa.