Rodial and Power Plate: Get Toned

By  June 29, 2012

Summer is here and while there are no quick fixes in exercise and toning, we have the next best thing. Heavenly beauty giants Rodial has joined forces with Power Plate to offer up the ultimate in firming up for summer, products that target specific areas of the body teamed with a 25 minute session to target the wobbly bits to match. The Power Plate Summer Sculpt program might be painful but it fits in with busy people who need to fit training in with their lunch hour and, considering the effectiveness, 3 classes a week will tone you up in no time at all.

Rodial Arm Sculpt


I opted to get my arms in shape so Rodial sent over a tube of Arm Sculpt which I religiously put on before every class (and before I go to bed for good measure). Simply rub it on in upward motions and after some gruelling press ups, exercises with the cable and bicep dips, you will see the difference in no time at all. If you really want to see the change, book in for the full body assessment so you can monitor how much fat you lose and your BMI.

Glam has been doing the classes since April and can honestly say that 2 sessions wake your muscles up and immediately tone. Now we haven’t been doing three a week (we are naughty that way) but I will be making mid year resolutions to start because 10 sessions has toned me up from winter slumber and I am ready to book another 10 to get me beach ready for August.

Power Plate Summer Sculpt classes will be held at selected London studios from April 2012. For more information contact the Power Plate on 0207 317 5000 or visitĀ Rodial products are available fromĀ