Refuge and Lauren Luke say: Don’t Cover It Up

By  July 02, 2012

Make-up artist Lauren Luke has joined forces with domestic violence charity Refuge to launch “Don’t cover it up”, a powerful online campaign telling victims of domestic violence not to accept it.

The online film takes a brave and disarming approach to the issue of domestic violence, encouraging women to break down the silence which so often masks abuse and reach out for help from specialist organisations like Refuge. Using her skills as a make-up artist, the film shows Lauren onscreen with made up cuts and bruises to her face that she uses as a tool to apply foundation to cover up her bruises while telling us all practical tips of minimising the effects of physical violence.

Lauren Luke for Refuge

Lauren Luke for Refuge

A survey undertaken by Refuge and YouGov in 2009 revealed that over half of young women aged 18-21 had experienced at least one abusive incident from a boyfriend, husband or partner.  Despite this, only 41% said that they would know where to go for help if they experienced domestic violence.Lauren Luke has a huge online following of teenage girls and young women and this campaign aims to educate this group on where to go for help.

Lauren Luke says: “I was shocked to read that domestic violence affects one in four women and yet it is not something we hear about all the time because I think many women are too afraid or ashamed to speak up about it.  The bruising on my face for the video wasn’t real but my emotions in that video were because I had a bad experience in the past with a previous boyfriend.  He never physically hurt me but I did sometimes fear what would happen next if I said the wrong thing. He could be over-protective and embarrass me in front of my work colleges or friends because of his aggressive behaviour.  Back then I knew the whole situation wasn’t normal but I didn’t know about the help that is out there and that is why I wanted to work with Refuge – to get the message out to anyone who may need help and support that it’s time to stop covering it up.”

Make sure YOU share the video with friends to raise awareness of abuse. This video may be made up but 1 in 4 experience domestic abuse in their lives and two women are killed every WEEK by a current or former partner in the UK and Wales alone.  See for more info