Ready, steady, run!

By  October 18, 2012

Dust-off your trainers it’s time to get running…

Running is known for its calorie burning, booty slimming abilities. You only have to look at back at the amazing physiques of marathon runners, triathletes and other sports stars who dominated our screens this summer as proof. That said, there’s not many of us whose diary can read like the fitness alphabet, blocked out with runs here, dates with trainers there and races in between. But don’t hang-up your trainers just yet, there’s hope on the horizon explains Richard Edmonds co-founder of RunBreeze, the running brand designed for runners by runners.

“Once you’ve been running and walking at pace for a while, and feel ready of course, a weekly running program that includes three different types of runs will help produced results.”


Richard suggests:

1st Session: The Steady Run

During this season you are working towards being able to run at a steady pace for 60 mins. If you’re relatively new to the sport gradually increase the length of time of this run on a weekly basis and make sure you are relaxed. This session is not about hitting it hard; run at a pace that wouldn’t stop your gossiping with your running pal.

2nd Session: Tempo Run

To increase speed and strength tempo runs are key. Start with 5-10 minutes of easy running to warm up, then continue at a faster pace (you should not be able to talk) for a further 10-20 minutes. As a general rule you should be taking three strides while breathing in and one while breathing out. To cool down, follow a series of stretches.

3rd Session: Interval Training

Get ready to feel the burn! Interval training is a series of high to low intensity exercises often famed by the pros, and has been linked to increased metabolic rates and fat burning properties. To add into your schedule simply plan in one run where you can alternate between sprinting and resting – parks and other green spaces are best. Start with by warming-up before running as fast as you can for one minute, walk/jog to recover for one minute, and repeat. Try to do this twelve times in total before completing  a cool down.

For an extra boost, try to run first-thing in the morning. This will help increase your metabolic rate and calorie burning levels.

Are you ready? Join Glam in dusting off our trainers and making the most of the outdoors this autumn. We’ll be covering our running progress on our running blog (coming soon).

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For more information on RunBreeze visit the team online here.