PFW A/W 12-13: Chanel

By  March 06, 2012

From under the sea to the depths of the earth, one can always count on Karl Lagerfeld to pilot Paris Fashion Week’s most magical journeys. This morning, the Grand Palais was transformed into the chicest of caves, enormous topaz, amethyst and frozen sapphire coloured stalactites burst through the runway covered with tiny glass pebbles–we were in for a stylish spelunk, a la Chanel.

After an hour long wait, whilst the paparazzi crowded round star guests Katy Perry, Alicia Keys and Laura Bailey, with a loud boom, the descent into the depths of Karl’s cave began. One by one, Karl’s gems emerged through the crystal cave mouth, uncut and shining with the brilliance of raw minerals as they are found in the secret hiding places of nature. Chanel tweeds were rendered in black and heavily adorned with mineral encrusted bibs and cuffs, models sported severe bejeweled eyebrows and crystalline formations peeked out from underneath the heels of Mary-Jane booty hybrids and clustered atop rounded jacket shoulders.

But beyond the tactile and more obvious gemstone references, twinkling skirts, metallic prism adornments on dresses and tops, crushed velvet leggings, Karl also mined the silhouette. Graduating from the diamonds in the rough, Karl carefully cut his gemstones, with trillion cuts pushed out from the backs of coats and jackets, transforming the wearers into walking sartorial jewellery. The intricacy of his study of gemology was matched only by the complexity of the final few evening looks, slick raven-like creatures, emerging from Karl’s cave, their feathers emitting an underworldly glow as if dipped in oil. When Karl emerged at last, the applause that reverberated throughout the cavernous Palais reminded celebrities, editors and bloggers alike that, when it comes to dreaming the dream that is fashion, Karl is still king of the cave.

Leggings peeped from under mid-length layers catching the eye with sparkles

Minerals encrusted even the heaviest of fabrics

Miranda Kerr donning next season’s Chanel is like a sartorial dream come true

Perspex heeled Mary-Janes added the finishing touch to eclectic looks

Mustard yellow and plum proved to be a successful combo

Bejeweled eyebrows mirrored belt detailing

Even in miniature proportions Chanel AW12 was completely wondrous