PFW A/W 12-13: Louis Vuitton

By  March 07, 2012

Walking into the mysterious tent erected in the midst of the Cour Carree de Louvre each season is a bit like a fashion jack in the box, you never know what wonders will pop out. This morning, guests were greeted by a shrouded runway and the arching steel beams of a rail station. When the large glowing Vuitton branded clock at runway’s end struck 10 am on the dot, the magic began.

With a choo choo and a cranking of gears, the wrought iron gates swung open and the Louis Vuitton Express, a specially crafted fully functioning steam train in navy with golden lettering, departed for Autumn/Winter 2012.

One by one, the girls descended from the train which parked itself in the middle of the venue amidst gasps and applause, by far the most elaborate stage set of the entire month long fashion sojourn. Each girl, clad in exquisitely crafted embroidered and embellished fantastical creations, was escorted by her own valet, who bore the burden of toting the fall collections stunning array of handbags and luggage.

The looks themselves combined the romanticism of rail travel belonging to an era gone by, a time when the journey was just as much an adventure to be savoured as the destination itself.  Prints and tweeds were layered, accented with crystals and styled into bastions of contemporary ladylike chic with a hint of classical rebellion at it’s core. Leather trenches topped sparkling ball gowns, jackets were double breasted with oversized floral crystal buttons and each girl sported an oversized bucket hat from whence blossomed flowers, feather or fur.

When Conductor Marc (for whom the party is not yet over, his LV retrospective debuts tonight) emerged from behind the tracks to take his bow to the most thunderous of applause, it was clear that for both Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton, Autumn/Winter 2012 is going to be amongst their most memorable and magical adventures as yet.

Valets escorted the beautiful Vuitton luggage down the catwalk

Each girl sported an oversized bucket hat from whence blossomed flowers, feather or fur

Camels and pastels worked in tandem

a hint of classical rebellion was at the Vuitton core

Exquisitely crafted embroidered and embellished fantastical creations