PFW A/W11: Yohji Yamamoto

By  March 07, 2011

Gorgeously gothic: Yohji Yamamoto’s latest show at Paris is sure to dark hearts fluttering. Black is back again for Yamamoto, along with a splash of vampiric blood red.

Yohji Yamamoto 'Sheer detail dress' AW11A

'Flashes of flesh' Yohji Yamamoto AW11

This was a collection of contrasts, as sheer fabrics and lace-up flat boots, flowing shapes and structured skirts, limited colours and candy-cane hair piled on top of the models heads made for truly breathtaking viewing pleasure. Highlights included flower printed see-through dresses with dragging hems, oversize draped coats harking back to the forefront of Japanese fashion in the 1980s, and magnificent Marie Antoinette-like exposed cage skirts that brought a touch of historical elegance.

Although undoubtedly feminine in many aspects, Yohji Yamamoto nonetheless added a touch of edge with designers that captured the rebellion of youth experimenting with fashion and boundaries. There was a feeling of post-apocalyptic glamour too, as if the audience has been transported to a Mad Max-like future of which Yamamoto was the sartorial director. That’s one vision of the future we’d be quite happy to see…

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