Movie Review: I, Anna

By  December 01, 2012

I, Anna is a brooding psychological thriller, told from the point of view of a female murder suspect, who falls for the detective in charge of the case.

Anna (Charlotte Rampling), a striking and enigmatic woman, who is reluctantly attending speed dating events to curb her loneliness.

When a man is found bludgeoned to death in a London apartment block, DCI Bernie Reid (Gabriel Byrne), an insomniac dazed by the prospect of divorce, is first on the scene, but is distracted from his duties by a brief encounter with Anna. Going through the motions of the case, Bernie’s thoughts continually return to Anna whom he tracks down and follows to a singles party. Their mutual attraction is instant, although Anna has no recollection of Bernie, nor of the night they first met.

As Bernie’s professional judgment battles with his desire for intimacy and love, the mystery deep within Anna’s mind finally unravels, revealing a truth too painful to bear.

Charlotte Rampling as Anna

Gabriel Byrne and Charlotte Rampling

A twisted tale of two lovers whose destinies collide – this film is dark and incredibly powerful. I was captivated throughout by the cleverly written script, and the raw, masterful performances given from all of the actors (especially a fragile Rampling). As with films that turn on their heads, you won’t want me to say too much! However, I will say that it is one of the best films that I have seen this year, and fantastic that is it a British film. Go and see it!

In cinemas 7th December 2012