MFW S/S12: Versus

By  September 27, 2011

For Spring 2012, Christopher Kane took a rather literal cue from the name of Versace’s second line whose creative direction he now heads up, looking to athletics of a particularly American variety for his inspiration. There were cheerleader models “Versus” basketball girls zig-zagging across a pastel athletic court lined expanse of wooden runway.

A la Donatella, the Versus girl is strong, athletic and sexy. But a softer, sweeter side, revealed through a pastel palette and more forgiving designs that do not require an Olympic-worthy body to pull off, was all Kane.

Dresses, tops and trousers were rendered in lightweight fabrics such as high shine jersey and a selection of quirky graphic prints featuring an athlete’s heart beat performance on a cardio electrogram machine. The swish of a basketball net was spliced into swinging panelled dresses to look like oversized fringe. Jersey motifs (not the fabric, but the numbered tees adorning the backs of jocks-to put it in fashion speak) such as black striping on a dress sleeve or functional zip pockets added to the overtly sporty mood. There were super sheer elastic-waist banded slouchy trousers were a great sartorial rendition of off-duty athletes’ sweats (Christopher) with black panties visible just beneath teamed with stilettos (Donatella).

All in all, the future for this partnership between Kane and Versace is looking like it will have as much longevity as any marathon: go team!

Necklines and skirt lengths nodded to the all American sprt, Versus SS12, Milan Fashion Week

The beat of fashion emblazoned chests and hips alike, Versus SS12, Milan Fashion Week

Black under-paneling gave more than hint to sports kits, Versus SS12, Milan Fashion Week

Swinging dresses echoed basket ball nets, Versus SS12, Milan Fashion Week