MFW S/S12: DSquared2

By  September 27, 2011

Dean and Dan are always known for their lavish show productions and fun, tongue-in-cheek themes, but this time, they really outdid themselves literally bringing Glastonbury to Milan and giving new meaning to the term “Festival Fashion.” Complete with a mud-caked tent-pitched runway (all the better to stomp down in your HIGH HEELED WELLIES, oh yes that’s right, I said HIGH HEELED WELLIES), stage backdrop populated with a few equally muddy shirtless male models brandishing flares, a rocking soundtrack, the show provoked squeals of delight from the editors and saw this blogger grinning and bobbing her head pretty much the whole way through.

DSquared2 SS12D

The DSquared2 festival pack! Milan Fashion Week, SS12

Backstage, the duo told me that their girl was an American at Glastonbury, with a Kate Moss vibe. This amounted to hippie rocker chic deluxe, from fringe to fur to the most stylish denim cut offs I’ve ever seen, each look was more right on the festival money than the next, down to the stacked wrist-band bracelets, VIP pass necklaces and freshly popped brewskies clenched in the girls’ hands (DSquared love a bit of booze on their 9:30 AM catwalk, at menswear in June, a male model popped a bottle of champers on set). The American motif was worked in the form of flags worn as dresses, bikini tops, printed on tees and splayed across a billowing maxi skirt, essentially a decisively more rocker-edge than your typical floral ditsy dress adorned British Glasto girl. Studs, ripped denim, brightly coloured parkas, sequins, flannel, feathers, fedoras-it was all there, piled on in glorious festival form.

When the girls emerged for the finale, it was hard to tell whether the applause resounding in the venue was reverberating from the hands of the show’s actual attendants or the soundtrack of the famous festival’s 650,000 crowds that was playing in the background. Either way, it was deafening and begged one critical question: can Glasto and summer 2012 hurry up and get here already?

Checked shirt? check. Micro shorts? Check. Biker? Check. It’s the DSquared Girl! Milan Fashion Week

Festival fashion clash on the DSquared runway, Milan Fashion Week SS12

The DSquared girl is ready to go donning her VIP Pass & SS12 essential- the yellow anorak, Milan Fashion Week