MFW S/S11: Krizia

By  September 27, 2010

It was back to the future at Krizia, where the designer drew upon a “new spacial morphology” to create her collection of convex, ovoid shaped cocktail dresses. Swaths of fabric swelled into arcs and spirals, creating lines that were at once both geometric and angular, yet curved and fluctuating.

Folded panels and petal folds in shorts and trousers lent a slight tinge of Japonsime to the collection, which was also rife with asymmetry–one shouldered dresses, one sleeved dresses and so forth. A chocolate reefer jacket and organza tuxedo paired with jodhpur trousers was a particularly appealing look but it was the knitted jumpsuit splashed with a crocodile print that stole the show for the young girl looking to experiment with this sophisticated line.

The jewellery was truly the show’s highlight. Chunky enough to do some serious bodily harm, models wielded multistrand necklaces with rigid metal semicircles hanging from chains, teardrop earrings the size of the models’ heads and cocktail rings the size of eyeballs had me drooling at runway’s end.

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