MFW A/W 12-13: Giorgio Armani

By  February 27, 2012

Picking up where he left off with menswear last month (a handful  of the looks took to the catwalk for a second time, having escorted a few lucky male models down the runway), Giorgio was on fine form. Ladylike androgyny with a jazzy overtone characterised the collection, the girls walking, at times, two by two, at others in chic trios each adorned with ever growing hats, beginning with trilbies and crescendoing to full sized floppies and setting a decisively nonchalant tone.

It began with healthy helpings of black Italian layering punched up by pops of orange, and then magenta, which has emerged as a fall colour to watch from the Italian runways. Sumptuous furs were draped over sleek tailoring as only Armani can carry over from menswear to women’s, keeping the mood from straying corporate by strapping his ladies into flat brogues accentuated with streaks of colour or Swarovski crystals which you could see glistening all the way from the rafters.

And speaking of glistening, when the evening looks appeared, one after the other the trend for sparkle was cinched in a blaze of shining chic glory. Intricately crafted web spun pinafores were painstakingly hand adorned with twinkling Swarovski crystals, for a dazzling shimmer effect. The final look, a sublime shimmering ebony wide leg jumpsuit accentuated with a bib like tangerine décolletage, drew gazes of wonder and applause from the crowd. No less than when it’s creator, Giorgio, appeared at black runway’s end in a halo of light, to wave, godlike to his adoring worshippers.

one after the other a trend for sparkle started to build

Ladylike androgyny with a jazzy overtone

Giorgio signed aw12 off in grey