MFW A/W 12-13: Dsqaured2

By  February 27, 2012

Dean and Dan know how to ask a lady to prom. Invitations arrived early in the week, yellow and White rose corsages, ready for the wearing (and storing in the hotel fridge til Milan Fashion Week’s closing day). The school bell ringing bright and early at 9:30 am, the curtain raised on a handful of chic high scholars, clad in 60s prep come D2 rebellious slant (think Brigitte Bardot smoking a ciggie behind the bleachers), raising the banner in the high school gym proclaiming Class of 2013 and all the promises of that final semester of senior year.

One by one, the girls began to walk, while still more emerged to complete the prom decorating committee. Then two white satin tuxedo clad jocks emerged, picked up their guitars and the prom began in earnest.

Towering crystal encrusted heels, black evening columns complete with peplums and swaddles of fur stoles emerged one after the other. Looks were completed with bejewelled box clutches and decadent costume jewellery (allegedly pinched from mom’s vintage jewellery box) and Lindsey Wixson emerged arm-in-arm with her dapper escort during the show’s finale to claim her crown as DSquared2′s AW12 prom queen.

She’s schmokin’ hot!

Powder blue added a softer touch to the collection

Will you be coveting statement specs like these gals?

Why wear one colour when you can wear four a la DSquared2!

Bardot beehives added not inches but feet onto the models’ height!

Lindsey Wixson the Dsqaured2 prom queen!