Laura’s LFW Low Down

By  September 17, 2012
Laura from A Forte for Fashion in our Rimmel Blogger Suite, London Fashion Week

Laura from A Forte for Fashion

Yesterday we caught up with blogger Laura from A Forte for Fashion, whilst sipping champers in our Rimmel Bloggers’ Suite. Here are her thoughts on this season’s sartorial spectacle…

Glam – Who have you enjoyed from LFW?
Laura – Caroline Charles and then Manuela Dack at Vauxhall Fashion Scout.

Glam – Have you gone to many shows from VFS?
Laura – I’ve been to a couple; I think they’re better for picking up some new ideas, something a bit fresh.

Glam – Who are you looking forward to?
Laura – Unfortunately I’m leaving this evening but I’m really interested to see what Topshop Unique do because I feel they do something new and fresh every season.

Glam – Have there been any collections that have surprised you this year?
Laura – I think Corrie Nielsen was interesting, I haven’t seen much of her stuff before and I really enjoyed the show.

Glam – What trends have you seen at LFW?
Laura – Stripes! Stripes have been everywhere, and also the combination of pink and purple. There’s been a femininity but with a bit of an edge too, like at Caroline Charles and Felder Felder.

Glam – What do you think makes LFW so great?
Laura – I just think London as a city is so diverse – it’s such an interesting place with a whole range of people. I also feel the designers that show here are very ‘London’ they’re very experimental and more relaxed than say Paris.

Glam – What’s your tip for LFW survival?
Laura – Always carry a snack in your bag and a bottle of water – otherwise you will die.