Get out and about this winter

By  December 13, 2012

walk on beachIf you’re planning on avoiding the sofa this festive season and getting the family out and about to walk off the excesses of turkey and mince pies, then why not get everyone outside in the fresh air, whether it be walking or cycling to enjoy some of the country’s most scenic routes?

From the iconic Lochwinnock Loop Line in Scotland to the picturesque Wandle Trail in London, charity Sustrans has a website with details of traffic-free routes pass through some of the country’s most attractive locations.

The routes, which are good for short jaunts or longer hikes, are suitable for family and friends of all ages who want to explore their local areas during the season of goodwill.  To help plan your trip, the Sustrans website has an online mapping facility which allows you to search for routes near you, please visit

Make the most of your cycling or walking trip this Christmas by following these top tips.

  • Don’t risk it. Cycling can be tricky when it snows or in icy conditions, so please think twice before getting on your bike.  If you decide to walk make sure you wrap up warm, wear some reliable boots and take your waterproofs.
  • When you’ve got a young child on the back of your bike, they won’t be generating heat like the person doing all the pedaling! So take extra clothes and waterproofs for them also.
  • Got some cold turkey left over? Rustle up some turkey sandwiches and drinks to keep everyone’s energy and spirits up.
  • Keep the trip packed with interest. Plan your trip around interesting stops and sights along the way.
  • Don’t be too ambitious and gauge the mood of the group. Its much better that everyone returns home feeling refreshed and revitalised – not exhausted and put off.
  • If you’re cycling with children, ride in a line with the children in the middle of the adults. If there’s only one of you, the adult should be at the rear, keeping an eye on all the children in front.
  • If you think it might get dark whilst you’re out, consider wearing bright or reflective clothing.