Exclusive Interview with Aminaka Wilmont

By  February 22, 2012
fur leather silk graphic molten glass prints Aminaka Wilmont aw 12 a

Models backstage in molten glass graphics at the Aminaka Wilmont AW 12 show

Fresh from the AW 12 show, with models in a state of undress and the champagne not yet uncorked, we caught up with Marcus Wilmont from design label Aminaka Wilmont to ask a few questions about the collection…


Glam: We know that this collection was inspired by glass, but how did you come up with that?

Marcus: We always look at nature and we got absolutely inspired by seeing Kane (Cali, who made the jewellery for the collection) our friend work. Glass is such a strange substance, you can see it in a liquid form, you can see it in a solid form, and it spoke to us in the way that we drape our clothes.

G: Do you have a favourite fabric or material that you like to work with?

M: Not anymore, it’s growing every season. We’ve put a lot more wovens into the collection, obviously there are a lot of silks and jerseys. Too.

G: Can you pick one favourite look of the collection?

M: No not now, I’m always changing my mind! To be honest, by this time of the year you’re pretty sick of looking at it actually! But no, there are some that I like more than others, but I really do like the collection as a whole.

G: Have you managed to see any other shows whilst you’ve been here at London Fashion Week?

M: No, unfortunately not, that’s the bad thing about showing on the last day; you don’t get to see anything else!

G: Who from London inspires you?

M: We don’t really look at other people’s work; the only people we really love are old designers like Geoffrey Beene from America. As modern designers we feel we’re all part of the same team.