Delightful Desserts from Donald Russell

By  August 19, 2010

Want delightful desserts and cakes delivered to your door?  Royal Warrant holder and mail order butcher Donald Russell have introduced a light frangipane style sponge pudding to the site’s dessert range. The Fruit Bakes come in three different flavours: Apricot & Apple Bake, Cherry & Chocolate Bake and Gooseberry & Apple Bake.
FrangipaneThese light frangipane style sponge desserts smack of traditional rich almond like flavours which has been achieved by using apricot kernels making them completely nut free. Each sponge is laced with fruit giving a unique complimentary taste to almond like flavours.

A selection box contains two of each variety. (6 very generous servings, minimum net box weight 900g, normally £17, introductory offer £15).  Visit to order now!