Celeb Festival Hair To Covet

By  June 17, 2011

Festivals are all about enjoying the music, lapping up the sun and generally having a good time, no girl needs the added hassle of worrying about how our hair looks. Opt for the simplest style this summer – the braid.

Plaits can be worn in dozens of ways – headband, French, loose, fishtail and many more. A variety of types means you can create a wide variety of looks to suit your mood or your personal style.

One of the easiest styles to sport is the headband braid – two plaits that overlock around the head. They will last throughout the sunshine and rain of summer weather and still look amazing even when slept on for a number of nights. Braided hair can also hide a number of sins from greasy roots to uncontrollable flyaways.

Pixie Lott opts for a boho chicforehead braid at the Isle of Wight Festival.

Mary-Kate Olsen opts for a loose laid back plait on the red carpet.

Kristen Dunst glams up a Heidi headband plait on the red carpet.

Take inspiration from braid experts Kristen Dunst and Pixie Lott who regularly sport plaits on the red carpet and in daily life. From Heidi plaits to loose plaits – embrace the power of plaits this festival season.