Burn off the booze

By  December 28, 2012

Letting go a little during the festive season is inevitable, but are you now feeling bloated and sluggish?

An overindulgence of alcohol, sugar and rich food can cause a build up and disrupt our normal state of equilibrium.To combat, and restore yourself back to pre-party health it’s time to take action- sweating it out action.

Throughout 2012 Glam put a variety of fitness to the test, rounding up the fun, the free, the friendly and the famed ways to help get you back on track. Here’s the ones we loved the most…

The free: Running apps & clubs

Dust off those trainers, it’s time to hit the streets! Running offers a complete body workout, burning calories, clearing the mind and ensuring your body flows with endorphins; the hormones responsible for helping us feel less fatigued, depressed, and tense throughout the day. What’s better is running outside also doesn’t cost a penny. To get yourself off to a good start, and ensure you’re not overdoing it Glam suggests investing in a personal running trainer, albeit an electronic one. We recommend downloading C25k (Couch to 5km, free on itunes). This handy app will ease you gently into a regular running pattern and help lessen the chances of injury from doing too much too quickly. Running, glam fitness trends, 2013, sweatshop,

Alternatively sign yourself up for one of the free running clubs on offer. Running specialists Sweatshop offer groups nationwide with specialist runs for beginners. They also offer rewards for runs, enough said.

For more details visit www.sweatshop.co.uk/community.cfm

The fun: 2013′s new fitness classes

If you’re lucky enough to be a member Virgin Active there’s a variety of fun fitness coming to a club near you soon, including Glam’s two favourites: Core-Tex™ Fast Class and Ugi class. The first trains the whole body as you twist, wobble, turn and employ your core during a variety of mobility, strength and challenge exercises. As for the latter, 30 minutes of strength, cardio and core training using big pink and purple balls (we kid you not) will put you through your paces. We challenge anyone to leave this class not dripping in sweat!

Virgin Active New fitness launches, 2013, amy hopkinson, ogi, cortex class

Both are currently available at Virgin Active Health Club Kensington. Find our more here.

The friendly: Nike Training Club

Social exercising can bring bigger benefits than just calorie burning and toning up. During January when the mornings and evenings are still dark and chilly, finding the motivation to work out can be tough. However, it’s harder to head straight home, or snooze through your alarm if either involves letting a friend down. Glam suggests signing yourself up to a social workout, like Nike Training Club, to help you get out there and enjoy the support of training in a group. Aim for two sessions a week – an achievable goal to ease you in.

Nike Training Club

To book yourself onto a Nike Training Club class visit their Facebook page here.

The famed: Bikram Yoga

Throughout 2012 it was hard to hide from Bikram Yoga as studios across the capital launched attractive introductory promotions- prices are normally quite steep in comparison to the cost of a standard gym membership.

Offering a complete workout for mind, body and soul a 90-minute Bikram yoga class is not for the fainthearted, nor those with an aversion to sweat.  Yet, the benefits are immediate: you leave feeling cleansed; a little smug that you’ve sweated a bucket load of toxins; and in calm mental state – 90 minutes of no talking and self-concentration ensure that even the most chatty of minds and crowded brains are silenced. Oh, and your burn up to 600 calories per class. Need we say anymore?

Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga is available nationwide.