Burn fuel, earn fuel!

By  October 19, 2012

Nike adds extras to its arsenal…

The team at Nike are hoping to keep us on all our toes (quite literally) this autumn with not one, but two new updates to their sporty arsenal. Offering updates to free workouts, and a snazzy new way to track progress, finding an excuse to stay parked on the sofa will be harder than you think.

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Many of you may remember the launch of Nike Training Club app – the free app that’s like a personal trainer in your pocket – that launched last year. But for those that don’t let us refresh: offering a mass of drills designed around strength, cardio and core training it’s an easy way to overcome the hurdles of getting fit.

Updated this season with ‘Train to Run’, a program of specific drills for runners, the app now boasts even more workouts to try out at home, at lunch, when away or in the park with pals for that matter. Glam recently road tested the new workouts – hard enough to feel that it’s doing something, yet fun enough to tempt us back into our trainers once again.

For the social workerouters amongst you, you can also head to the newly launched ‘Train To Run’ sessions around the country to be put through your paces by one of the Nike Master Trainers for free. All part of the Nike Training Club offering.

Aside from the NTC app keeping tabs on your progress there’s also the Nike + Fuel Band (£129) too. Soon to be released in two fashiony colours – White and Black ICE – the innovative wrist candy tracks your daily activity; scoring you as you go in NikeFuel. Uh oh for escalator riders, but great news for runners, gym bunnies and NTC goers.Nike Fuel Band, ice black, ice white, new, colours,

For the competitive amongst you (we’ll include ourselves in this), we suggest challenging your mates to a NikeFuel duel: a two week battle of working up a sweat while wearing your band. Loser buys Friday night drinks.

For more information visit the Nike Training Club Facebook page