Browsing made easy on Avenue 32

By  December 19, 2011

You’ve flown to NY, hopped on a Eurostar to romantic Paris and whizzed around the capital but have you hit-up Avenue 32? Launching soon, Avenue 32 is the web’s answer to Bond St, Madison Avenue and Montaigne all rolled into one.

Much like a party filled with the who’s who of fashion, Avenue 32 reads like a school register of desirable designers; Edun, Faster by Mark Fast, Felder Felder, Temperley London, Lara Bohinc, Preen, Cooperative Designs (you get the picture).

The baby of Roberta Benteler and Juri von Randow, Avenue 32 is designed to be the online equivalent of popping in and out of boutiques; shop facades beckon you inside whilst the waiting collections are curated by the designers themselves. Browse, shop or simply admire, it’s up to you.

Avenue 32

For forget planes and trains, simply click your way to fashion's new shopping destination!

Erin Mullaney, Fashion and Brand Director of Avenue 32 commented on the new venture:

“Avenue 32 is a platform for both customers and designers. The Avenue 32 customer is someone who is fashion savvy and loves the element of discovery while shopping. She is someone who really has a passion for fashion and wants to find out about the designers she loves as well as having a unique insight into the fashion industry as a whole. At the same she expects the highest level of service

Avenue 32 gives designers the possibility to curate their own boutique, showcasing their favourite picks or even complete collections which at the same time enables customers to free themselves from the binds of the buyer to choose from a wide range of styles. This contrasts with traditional online retailers who usually showcase a select number of styles and might not buy into the more extravagant or editorial pieces.

Moreover, Avenue 32 allows designers to customise their own boutiques with anything from branding materials to videos as well as giving them the possibility of commissioning online content with our editorial team, enabling them to directly communicate to their customers and build a loyal relationship. We aim to give customers a unique insight into the world of these designers and the fashion industry as a whole, creating what feels like a more personal and emotional relationship that emulates the charm of offline shopping.”

For those wanting shoppping direction, Avenue 32 will produce an online magazine. Edited by Rebecca Guinness, formerly on, we’re expecting slick spreads and worthwhile edits.