Backstage at LFW S/S13: Giles

By  September 18, 2012
Backstage at Giles SS13, backstage pass, Eastenders, Kat Slater, London Fashion Week, MAC, Lucia Pieroni

The Giles backstage pass once again had us chuckling (even in our weary state).

It’s now been over 24 hours since we met Giles’ spring/summer 2013 girls but we have to admit we’re still a little giddy over their beauty look: it’s punchy, it’s vibrant and it’s one we can all master with ease – thank you Lucia Pieroni and the MAC team!

Moving on from last season’s decayed decadence, or “dying of consumption” as Lucia put it to us, the Giles girl is refreshed, reformed and ready to for action with her knock-out beauty look, the fushcia lip, that’s she’s achieved with MAC Lip Pencil in Embrace Me.

Elaborating on the look was created, Lucia explained that a combination of foundation and powder were used as a base on the lip – these cancelled out the natural colour of the lips and helped maximise the vibrancy of the lip pencil – and brows were bleached and lashes left bare. It was all about the lip. Well, that was the case anyway until we caught sight of the nails…Backstage Giles SS13, Beauty look, Lucia Pieroni, Emma, model, MACBackstage Giles SS13, Beauty look, Lucia Pieroni, Emma, model, MACBackstage Giles SS13, Beauty look, Lucia Pieroni, Emma, model, MACContinuing the pink theme, Marian Newman used MAC’s Girl About Town on nails for a gorgeously glossy “Schiaparell pink” look she told us. “It’s the perfect shade for anyone looking to distract attention away from hands or feet,”she further shared. We’ll definitely be trying this tip out, cheers Marian. Backstage at Giles SS13, MAC, Face Chart, Lucia Pieroni, London Fashion Week

As for the hair Paul Hanlon only had one thing on his mind: F**ked-up hair. Supported by Toni and Guy Session, Hanlon created hair that’s not one, not two but three days old. It was all about portraying the idea that the Giles Girl hasn’t been to bed, instead she’s partied her way through the week, not even bothering to tame her locks. However, such dishevelment doesn’t come easy with the hair team prepping, blowing-out, twirling, heating, raking, and lashing-of Label M Sea Salt spray. But we’ve got to say it most certainly worth it. We LOVED the grungy 80s SUPER cool result.