56th BFI LFF Review- The Sessions

By  October 18, 2012

The Sessions follows Mark (John Hawkes) is a poet who suffers from crippling polio, which means most of his day-to-day life must be spent in an iron lung. Starved of a genuine physical and emotional relationship and desperate to lose his virginity, Mark seeks the advice of his rather liberal priest Father Brendan (William H. Macy), and consequently he embarks on a life changing adventure after beginning a series of therapy sessions with sex surrogate Cheryl (Helen Hunt).

The Sessions

The Sessions

Based on the true story of Mark O’Brien (and in particular his article and book on the subject),Ben Lewin’s script is witty and heartfelt-a frank exploration into life for a severely disabled man. It tows the line of being extremely rude, but thanks to the incredibly competent cast of actors, this rather risqué subject matter is delivered in such a sensitive manner. John Hawkes is genius; physically pushing his body, and giving an extremely emotionally engaging performance. It is his performance that draws the audience into the story, but the other actors all contribute to making this film the gem that it is.

A hilariously fresh and poignant film that will certainly leave a tear in your eye.

The London Film Festival is running 10-21 October 2012, sponsored by American Express.

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